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Dermatological Spray Lotion with Drying Action, and Keratolytic, Lipolytic and Deodorizing Effects

Dogs, Cats, Horses

236 ml.

Boric Acid 2%
Glycolic Acid 2%
  • No rinse spray – Long lasting effect: Leave-On, Dry-On.
  • Support in veterinary treatment of choice in dermatological processes where yeasts are involved (Malassezia spp..).
  • Support in keratoseborrhoeic complex and keratinization disorders — Lipolytic and keratolytic effects.
  • Synergistic formula: stops seborrhea-yeast vicious circle.
  • Exfoliating action — Removes dead cells allowing a better contact of active ingredients and epithelium. Restores the epithelium and increases the barrier effect of the skin.
  • Active ingredients with a synergic effect – Allows the product to act in greater depth.
  • With Ceramides (Phytoesfingosine) – Restorative action of the epithelium and the skin’s barrier effect.
  • Aqueous Base – Reaches difficult areas.
  • Mild and nice scent.
  • Support in veterinary treatment of choice in:
    • Dermatological processes where yeasts are involved (Malassezia spp..).
    • Keratoseborrhoeic complex: seborrhoea, sebaceous adenitis, etc.
  • Helps in the long-term management of yeast hypersensitivity (Malassezia spp…).
  • Very useful in moist areas: interdigital space, axillae…
  • As part of the treatment in those processes that can benefit from properties of Boric Acid.
  • Conditions that require a keratolytic and lipolytic effect.
  • Con be combined with CUTANIA® GlycoZoo Shampoo, to:
    • Reduce bath frequency.
    • Enhance its effects.
    • Facilitate handing.
  • Situations in which bathing is not possible: difficult to handle animals, cats, impossibility for owners.
  • Suitable for short and long term use.
It can be used in localized or generalized areas, but frequency must be determined on each particular case.
Spray evenly soaking hair and skin.

  • Initial: 1-2 times a day.
  • Maintenance: once a week or depending on the case.

In some cases it is recommended to cut the hair before application.
As a complement to CUTANIA® GlycoZoo Shampoo. It can be used between baths, which can help to reduce the frequency of them.
Suitable for short-term or long-term use.



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