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Latest Generation Dermatological Spray Lotion with Moisturizing and Calming Action

Dogs, Cats, Horses

236 ml

Key Constituents:
Hydrolyzed Oat Protein 2%
Glycolic Acid 1%
Ceramides 0.1%
  • No-rinse spray — Sustained permanent action: Leave-On, Dry-On.
  • Calming and moisturizing effects.
  • With Oat (Avena sativa) — Moisturizes and softens the skin.
  • With Glycolic Acid — Keratolytic and lipolytic actions.
  • Contains Ceramides (Phytosphingosine) — Help to restore dry and damaged skin.
  • Restoring the function of the epidermis and the skin’s barrier effect.
  • Does not contain antibiotics or corticosteroids.
  • Mild and nice scent.
  • Due to its calming effect it is appropriate as a support in treatment of processes related to pruritus, allergies and skin irritation such as allergic dermatitis in cats and dogs or summer dermatitis in horses.
  • Skin that can benefit from the oat calming effect.
  • Conditions that require restoring and maintaining the skin’s barrier function. Useful in small areas or the full body.
  • Especially useful in localized areas such as interdigital area, to maintain and restore hydration to the skin.
  • As a complement to CUTANIA® GlycOat Shampoo, to:
    • Reduce the frequency of baths.
    • Multiply its effects.
    • Facilitate management.
  • Situations in which bathing is not possible: difficult to handle animals, cats, impossibility for owners.
  • Also useful on sensitive skin that requires gentle and delicate maintenance.

Suitable for daily use.
Spray evenly soaking hair and skin.

  • Initial: 1-2 times a day.
  • Maintenance: once a week or depending on the case.

In some cases is recommended to cut the hair before application. As a complement to CUTANIA® GlycOat Shampoo. It can be used between baths, which can help to reduce the frequency of them.
Suitable for regular use.



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