Some years ago, we set ourselves a double challenge: creating our own line of products that can equal or surpass the best products across the world and at the same time, and without compromising their quality, trying to reduce their cost in order to make them affordable for everyone. That is how ranges such as ABELIA®, CUTANIA®, CORONA®, CRONO® and DIALIX® amongst others were born.

Our commitment to innovation is strong, and nowadays over half of our sales come from products launched in the last 5 years. But our commitment is also long term: you can count on VetNova for developing the best line of products for the health, welfare and performance of your pets and horses. We count on you, as we have always done, for helping us improving our existing products and designing the upcoming ones with your comments and ideas.

Our Small Animal Catalogue includes more than 50 products, with a single goal: improving companion animals’ health. This compels us to be in constant evolution, researching and creating innovative products, expanding our catalogue every year and always listening to the needs of our biggest allies: veterinarians. Our philosophy is based on our belief that the best products will improve animal health while being stress-free and easy to administer, not risking the important bond between pets and owners. This is the reason why we are pioneers on the chew format and highly palatable solutions, based on natural ingredients characteristics combined with the most advanced technology.

Our Equine Catalogue includes more than 50 over the counter products. Many of them include references from Farnam (with brands such as RED CELL®, TRI-TEC 14™, ENDURE®, THERMAFLEX®, ICETIGHT®, WEIGHT BUILDER™, SAND CLEAR®, etc.) and W.F. Young / ABSORBINE® (offering well-known brands like SHOWSHEEN®, ABSORBINE® Veterinary Liniment or SUPERSHINE®)

Not only we are proud of representing these brands, but we are totally committed to you, our client, prescriber or distributor, in a continuous search of the best products in the world. However, we think that with the experience of our team and the advice of veterinarians, nutritionists, farriers, trainers, professional riders, etc., we can develop new and affordable products for everyone.

We also focus on finding solutions which do not contain antibiotics or other prescription drugs to avoid undesired side effects (for example antibiotic resistance), while still being very effective and supportive of veterinary treatments.

We also want to thank our clients and prescribers for their daily trust they put in us and our products; to our distributors, for the value they add daily, and to our own team for their constant effort and ability to excel. Without your support, it would not have been possible to keep growing over 10 years.

Our Values

At VetNova, as a company, we are aware of the responsibility we have on the impact that even the smallest decisions and actions have on our environment. Our strong social commitment has led us, for years, to allocate a percentage of our sales to a growing number of NGOs and help finance the important work they do.

Our Commitment to respecting and taking care of the Environment has led us to set sustainable work practices, printing in 100% recycled paper and evolving towards a fleet of hybrid cars. Also, to fulfil our Commitment with Animal Welfare and respect for nature, we cooperate regularly with Associations and Shelters that ensure the welfare of animals in difficult situations.

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