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Dietetic Supplement to Help in Managing Calcium Oxalate, Cystine and Urate Uroliths in Highly Palatable Crumbs

Dogs, Cats


Composition (per 5 gr):
Potassium Citrate 300 mg
Essential Fatty Acids
EPA 9.45 mg
DHA 6.3 mg
Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) 273 mg
Other Omega-3 6.3 mg
Vaccinium macrocarpon 50 mg
  • With Potassium Citrate: calcium chelating and urinary alkalyzing action.
  • Metabolic alkalizing action.
  • Ideal complement for urinary diets.
  • Highly palatable crumbs.
  • Reduces the formation of crystals/uroliths of urate, cystine and oxalate.
  • Helps in managing crystals/uroliths whose solubility increase in alkaline pH.
  • Management of metabolic acidosis.

1 scoop (5g) / 5 kg



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