Dear Clients and Business Partners,

We want to communicate with you our position on the Ukraine war and our response to it.

First, the entire VetNova team is very disturbed and saddened by the unjust and tragic aggression that Mr. Putin, through his government and military, is unleashing on Ukraine and its people. Our hearts go out to all who are suffering this ruthless and tragic violence: the many dead, injured, traumatized, or displaced, and of course their families and loved ones.

To support the people of Ukraine in this crisis we have launched a solidarity campaign, whose first action is the donation of our 3% of our global sales in March and April to humanitarian organizations like UNCHR and others; we are committed to continue assisting while the crisis lasts. We are also working actively to display our support for the Ukrainian people by placing blue and yellow flags in our buildings, cars, clothes, business communications and even in our products. We will continue planning new initiatives to voice our desire for an urgent peace, like an upcoming painting contest for children that we will present shortly. Besides our corporate response we are most impressed by the warm generosity of our colleagues at VetNova who are “opening their homes” to Ukrainian refugees, volunteering, donating and helping however they can.

To our clients and partners in neighboring countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, etc, we imagine how worried and vulnerable you may feel today. On behalf of the VetNova team we want to send you our deepest and most sincere solidarity. Rest assured that we very firmly stand by you.

From the start we condemned this unjust aggression and in response to it we immediately ceased all business ties with Russia and Belarus. Of course, we have nothing against the good people in those two countries but must take this initiative to force their governments to stop the war, restore the original borders and pay for reconstruction. Additionally, we have agreed to also terminate all business ties with any countries that may eventually support Russia, directly or indirectly, on this illegal invasion.

To the memory of those lost in this tragic war, we believe our best tribute is to firmly and bravely work towards peace and create policies directed at preventing other similar violent acts in the future. To this end our team is compiling a list of countries that, according to independent and highly respected sources, do not respect human rights and the values of democracy and freedom. To send a clear message to the rulers of those countries, we will implement an indefinite moratorium in any business transactions (supply and demand) with them. We know we can’t change the world alone, but through our actions and our example we firmly believe we can help initiate change and give it momentum. We are sure our clients, business partners and employees will stand by this initiative.

To all of you who are helping us do our best for the Ukrainian people, thank you very much.

Warmest regards,

Lourdes Gomez and Eduardo de Santos

VetNova Co-Founders