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Facilitates the Adaptation of Dogs and Puppies to Potentially Stressful Situations and Helps to Avoid Unwanted Behaviors Associated with Them


Spray 60 ml

Key Constituents:
Dog appeasing pheromone analogue 2 %
Valerian extract 0,5 %
  • Reinforced formula: with a dog appeasing pheromone analogue that, working synergistically with valerian extract, enhances its action and contributes to the well-being of the dog in potentially stressful situations.
  • The canine appeasing pheromone is secreted by females during lactation, transmitting a message of calm and security to their puppies. This pheromone, when perceived, causes a reaction in the receptor, helping to transmit that message of calm and security also in adults and improving unwanted behaviors.
  • Valerian acts as a natural relaxant, helping to keep the animal calm.
  • Characteristic smell of Valerian.
  • Occasional or prolonged use.
  • Suitable for all breeds and ages.
  • ACALMA® Dogs is not a medicine and does not produce sedative effects.
  • Promotes a state of calm and facilitates the adaptation of the animal to potentially stressful situations, helping to avoid associated unwanted behaviors behaviors associated with them:
    • Changes in their environment (prolonged loneliness, changes in the family structure, relocations, visits, etc.).
    • Changes in the environment (noise, fireworks, etc.).
    • Travel (visits to the vet, car trips/transport, etc.)
    • Fears.
    • Conflicts.
    • Excessive vocalization.
    • Inappropriate elimination.


Hold the container upright and spray 10 cm from the desired surface. Do not spray directly on the animal.

Application frequency Application area
New environment 2-3 pumps, hours before the arrival of the dogo On protruding objects, corners of furniture and room doors, etc.
Car trips* 8-10 pumps8-10 pumps Directly inside the car
Carrier trips* 1-2 pumps In the corners, ceiling and floor of the carrier, as well as on the objects inside

*Long-term trips
Repeat the application every 4-5 hours or as soon as signs of stress reappear. Apply and wait 15 minutes before the animal enters the carrier/car.



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