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*Not available in all countries.
Natural relaxing product for performance improvement in nervous and jumpy horses


– Oral syringe of 12 ml (1 use)*


Composition (per 28 g) :
Ignatia amara 33.45 µg
Valeriana officinalis 33.45 µg
  • Helps nervous and excitable horses stay focused.
  • Doesn’t cause drowsiness or sleepiness, so it doesn’t affect performance or response during exercise.
  • Complete range of formats for a better adaption to each situation.
  • Training and competition.
  • Fairs, shows, celebrations, etc.
  • Farriery work and veterinary visits.
  • Important changes in management (new barn, new stall, new field mates) or other stressful situations.
  • Shipping.
  • First experiences, especially in young horses.
  • Unpredictable and compulsive behaviors.
  • Syringe (12 ml): Introduce the tip in the corner of the horse’s mouth and push the plunger until the full dose has been administered.
    • Racing, contests, and work outs: one syringe 2 hours before the contest or according to show rules.
    • Horse shipping: one syringe 2 hours before loading, and one syringe every 8 hours in long trips.
  • 85 g and 238 g containers: The scoop included is equivalent to 14 g. Administer 2 scoops (28 g) once a day, mixed with the feed, regardless of body weight.
  • 850 g container: The scoop included is equivalent to 28 g. Administer 1 scoop (28 g) once a day, mixed with the feed, regardless of body weight.


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