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Triple Action Complementary Feed For Cats with Laxative Effect to Help Reducing Trichobezoars Formation and Facilitate its Elimination, Formulated in Highly Palatable Chews


45 chews

Key Constituents (per chew):
Biotin 13 μg
Lecithin 60 mg
Omega-3 15 mg
Omega-6 75 mg
Zinc 0.2 mg
Plantago ovata 25 mg
Vaccinium macrocarpon 12.5 mg
  • Triple action complete formula:
    • Nourishes the hair follicle, helps to avoid excessive shedding and to reduce trichobezoar’s formation.
    • Eases the elimination of trichobezoars.
    • Reinforces the urinary system’s health.
  • Rich in Biotin, Essential Fatty Acids, Zinc and Lecithin — Maintains skin and hair in optimal conditions.
  • With Psyllium (Plantago ovata) — Great source of fibre and mucilage.
  • Contains Vaccinium macrocarpon (Red Cranberry) — Provides proanthocyanins and acidifies urine, increasing uroliths solubility and avoiding their formation and aggregation.
  • Without malt.
  • Without side effects of oil or paraffin.
  • Highly palatable chews.
  • For all breeds and ages.
  • Prevents formation and facilitate the elimination of trichobezoars.
  • Nourishes the hair follicle, reducing excessive shedding.
  • Helps in managing chronic constipation.
  • Situations where a softer stool consistency is required: postsurgery, painful defecation…
  • Lower Urinary Tract Disease predisposed animals.

Regular use: 2 chews / cat / 24 h (or divided in two intakes)
Laxative action (2-4 days): 4 chews / cat / 12 h


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