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Facilitates the Adaptation of Cats and Kittens to Changes in their Environment and Helps Avoid Unwanted Behaviors Associated with Stress


Diffuser + Refill 48 ml
Refill 48 ml
Spray 60 ml

Feline Facial Pheromone Analog (F3) 5 %
Valerian extract 1 %
  • Reinforced Formula: with Analog of Feline Facial Pheromone (F3) which, in synergy with Valerian Extract, enhances its action and contributes to the cat wellness in situations associated with stress.
  • Feline Pheromones are secreted naturally through body glands. The cats communicate with each other and with their environment through them, creating an environment of well-being that calms and reassures them.
  • Valerian acts as a natural relaxant, helping to calm stress and anxiety.
  • Characteristic smell of Valerian.
  • Punctual or prolonged use.
  • Suitable for all races and ages.
  • 3 presentations to fit all situations and needs.
  • ACALMA® Cats is not a medicine and does not produce sedative effects.
  • Promotes a state of calm in cats and facilitates adaptation of the animal to stressful situations, helping to avoid unwanted behaviors associated with stress:

    • Urinary marking.
    • Changes in your environment (adoption, moving, vacations, stay in residences, etc.) or in the environment (firecrackers, fireworks, etc.)
    • Travel (visits to the vet, trips in car/cage, etc.).
    • Fears.
    • Conflicts between cats.
    • Scratching (scratches).
    • Excessive vocalization.

Diffuser and Refill
Connect the diffuser 24 to 48 hours before a potentially stressful situation for the cat in the place where the animal spends most of its time. Unscrew and remove the refill cap*. Screw the refill into the diffuser and plug into a wall outlet, keeping the refill in vertical position.
Press the button to start it; to stop, push the button again. After use, unplug the diffuser without removing the refill.
*The duration of the refill is approximately 30 days.

Hold the container upright and spray 10 cm from the desired surface. Do not spray directly on the animal.

Application frequency Application area
Urinary marking 6 sprays; 1 time a day Marked area
Excessive Scratching 2 sprays; 3 times a day Cover the entire scratched area
New environment 2-3 sprays, 1-2 hours before the arrival of the cat On the sharp objects, furniture and door corners of the rooms
**Travels in car According to needs Directly inside the car
**Travel in cage 1 to 2 sprays On corners, ceiling and floor of the cage, as well as on the objects inside the cage

**Long-term trips
Repeat the application every 4-5 hours or as soon as the signs of stress reappear



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