MEGATOP® Powerflex

Natural Concentrate Supplement of Highly Bioavailable Omega-3 Rich in DHA, EPA and Vitamins A and D3, Formulated to Optimize Locomotor System, Cardiovascular Function and Sport Performance


500 ml

Composition (per ml):
Omega-3* 283.2 mg
DHA (21-23%*) 190.8 mg
EPA (5-7%*) 51.0 mg
Other Omega-3* 41.4 mg
Vitamin A* 1.737 IU
Vitamin D3* 34 IU

*Variable quantity due to being a natural product.

  • DHA and EPA concentrated formula, with A and DVitamins.
  • For maintenance and support of articular health — Helps to prevent lesions and lengthen sports life.
  • Supports cardiovascular function — Optimizes sports performance.
  • Fast and healthy energetic source.
  • Highly safe — Ideal for continued treatments.
  • Patented cold extraction method of Omega-3, without chemical processes or higher temperatures — Maximum bioavailability.
  • Optimizes locomotor system function in sport or working animals.
  • Favours mobility and joint wellness, so lengthens sports life.
  • Helps to prevent lesions in dogs subjected to joint stress.
  • Improves response to maintained effort and delays the presentation of fatigue.
  • In pregnant and lactating females, to contribute to the right cerebral and visual development of the foetus and new born, boosting memory and learning.
  • Initial (7 days): 1 ml / kg
  • Maintenance: 0.4 ml / kg
  • Maintenance (from the 4th month): 0.2 ml / kg

Administer mixed with food or with a syringe orally.
MEGATOP® PowerFlex effects begin to be observed on the 3rd or 4th week of administration.


Sport Training