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Mucoadhesive Gel with Easy Application for a Highly Effective and Safe Oral Hygiene

Dogs, Cats, Horses, Other Animals

59 ml and 120 ml

Key Constituents:
Zinc Gluconate 1.5%
Taurine 0.5%
Excipients qsp
  • Supplies Zinc, which participates in collagen production, favouring the recovery of damaged tissues.
  • Chelator action over the sulphur compounds that produce bad breath thanks to its Taurine content.
  • Provides a protective layer with its lubricant effect.
  • Natural and highly safe — Ideal for long-term use.
  • Easy applying gel — Without brushing.
  • Does not stain dental enamel.
  • Flavourless – High acceptance.
  • Helps to maintain an optimal oral health without the need for brushing.
  • Daily use helps to prevent plaque and halitosis.
  • Prior and after a professional dental hygiene it enhances, lengthens and improves its effect.

Apply directly from the tip of the incorporated applicator or deposit a drop on the fingertip, swab or toothbrush.
Apply 1 peasize drop for pets up to 10 kg on each side of the mouth, in the upper gums.



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