TITANIUM® FlexGuard Gold

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Balanced and complete formula with Glucosamine, with clinically proven antioxidant and chondroprotective effects for high-performance horses


900 g (30 uses)

Composition (per 30 g):
Glucosamine 5.000 mg
MSM 4.000 mg
Vitamin C 2,500 mg
  • Complete supplement for better care of horses’ locomotor system, with chondroprotective and antioxidant functions.
  • Glucosamine – Precursor of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), stimulates their synthesis in cartilage., stimulates their synthesis in cartilage.
  • MSM – Provides organic Sulphur that participates in the synthesis of collagen and holds the connective tissue proteins together.
  • Vitamin C – Works together with MSM to promote the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, which stimulate regeneration of tissues and improve their elasticity.
  • Promotes optimal joint health and flexibility.
  • Optimizes the structure and functionality of the connective tissue of joints, ligaments and tendons, helping to enjoy a more comfortable sporting life.
  • Minimizes the risk of digestive disorders associated with other veterinary therapies, favoring its use in cases with long-term joint care needs.
  • Recommended by veterinarians for horses subjected to intense joint stress, or with special chondroprotective or joint care needs.
  • In long duration injuries of the locomotor system (joints, tendons and ligaments), for support of natural recovery during painful inflammatory lesions, regeneration and elasticity improvement of connective tissues, and shortening recovery periods.
  • Reinforcement of musculoskeletal system in horses in training, competition and growth, or aged horses.
  • As support during post-operative recovery in orthopedic surgeries.

Administer 30 g (1 scoop) once a day for at least 30 consecutive days, or as directed by the veterinarian.


Joints, Tendons and Ligaments