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El Molar, April 2024

VetNova expands their well-being product range, MULTIVA®  with an improved version of MULTIVA® Active Dog, the MULTIVA® Active Defense Dog.
This improved and powerful multivitamin and multimineral formula is free from ingredients of animal origin, making it suitable for dog’s sensitive to animal proteins. It provides B-group vitamins, vitamin C, D and E, amino-acids, fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants.
Thanks to the highly palatable chew format, daily administration is facilitated, and it is optimal for any breed or age, making it suitable for prolonged use.
MULTIVA® Active Defense Dog can be used as a support in situations of greater nutritional demand, for instance seasonal changes and reduced appetite, to maintain the skin and coat in good condition and physical well-being and as a reinforcement for elderly dogs.
MULTIVA® Active Defense Dog improved formula is already available worldwide in 30 highly palatable chews per package.