ELECTRO DEX® Electrolytes

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Soluble electrolytes with cherry flavour


Soluble salts
– 170 g (3 uses)**
– 1.13 kg (20 uses)**
– 2.26 kg (40 uses)
– 13.60 kg (240 uses)
**Exclusive VetNova formats

Composition (per 56 g):
Sodium chloride 39,548 mg
Potassium chloride 11,340 mg
Magnesium sulphate 2,410 mg
Calcium lactate 2,183 mg
Potassium sulphate 1,134 mg
  • Complete formula: it supplies sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • Prevents and fights dehydration and decreased performance in prolonged efforts.
  • Restores lost minerals with sweat during training and competitions.
  • Enhances post-exercise recovery, boosting performance during contests.
  • Heavy or prolonged exercise.
  • Light exercise with high humidity and/or extreme temperatures.
  • Prolonged exposure to high temperatures.
  • Horses in training or competition.
  • Medium – long distance hacks.
  • Shipping.
  • Stressful situations.
  • As a support in pathologic processes where high fever or diarrhea may be present.

Administer 56 g (2 scoops) once a day, mixed with feed or with water.
If it is administered in the water, do not give the horse access to other water supply.


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