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High Quality Activated Charcoal in an Oral Syringe for an Optimal Digestive Health


Oral syringe – 60 ml

Activated Charcoal 12 mg
Propylen Glycol 4,3 mg
  • Formula based in high quality activated charcoal.
  • High adsorbent power and excellent toxin binder.
  • Produces a protective lining along the digestive tract.
  • Favours an optimal digestive health.
  • Formulated to avoid harmful substances from being absorbed in the digestive tract, which then will be eliminated in the faeces.
  • Provides a protective lining from harmful substances ingested or produced during the horse’s digestion.   
  • If at risk or during digestive problems and their recovery.

Place syringe’s tip in the corner of the horse’s mouth, then press the plunger making sure the full amount is swallowed.

  • Foals: 30 ml – 1/2 syringe (1 to 3 times daily)
  • Adults: 60 ml – 1 syringe (1 to 3 times daily).


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