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Dietetic Supplement With L-Lysine, Microlactin and Omega-3 Formulated in Highly Palatable Paste


Syringe: 32.5 ml

Composition (per 2.5 ml):
L-Lysine (HCl) 250 mg
Microlactin 200 mg
Omega-6 162 mg
Omega-3 72.5 mg
  • Complete formula that facilitates the administration in cases of anorexia or decreased appetite.
  • Contains 100 mg L-Lysine / ml – Optimum concentration for underweight kittens.
  • Enriched with Microlactin and Omega-3 – Promote natural recovery in inflammatory processes.
  • In graduated syringe – Maximum flexibility and dosage accuracy.
  • Very safe – Suitable for long-term use.
  • High palatability paste for direct administration in the mouth.
  • For clinical or latent situations in which the use of L-Lysine can be beneficial.
  • Very young or underweight kittens.
  • Kittens: 1.25-2.5 ml / 12 h or 24 h
  • Adult cats: 2.5-5 ml / 12 h or 24 h

Administer mixed with food or directly into the cat’s mouth.

*Adjust amounts and frequency depending on animal’s weight and situation.


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