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*Not available in all countries.
High-power and long-lasting chondroprotective preparation


450 g (30 uses)

Composition (per 14 g):
Glucosamine 5,000 mg
Methyl-Sulphonyl-Methane (MSM) 100 mg
Chondroitin sulphate 50 mg
Calcium ascorbate 50 mg
Hyaluronic acid 10 mg
Manganese sulphate 10 mg
  • Supplies prolonged-release glucosamine (acts for 24 hours), 24 times more duration than the effect of the conventional glucosamine.
  • Includes 6 active ingredients with proven chondroprotective action: glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, hyaluronic acid, MSM, vitamin C and manganese.
  • Patented formula of vitamin C that enables a better absorption, a longer lasting effect, a better bioavailability and a neutral pH (avoiding gastrointestinal problems).
  • Synergistic combination of vitamin C and MSM: the vitamin C boosts the protective effect of MSM against inflammation and oxidative damage caused by heavy exercise.
  • Improves natural recovery in inflammatory processes. Enhances joint flexibility and reduces recovery time.
  • Horses with moderate or severe chondroprotective needs: joint disease support, adult horses in training or competition, aged horses, etc.
  • Surgical procedures to the locomotor system.

Administer 14 g (1 scoop) once a day for at least 1 month, or regarding particular needs in each case. For optimization of results, it is suggested to continue the protocol with CRONO® Motion&Energy or TITANIUM® FlexGuard Synergy for at least 3 months (preferably 6 to 9 months).


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