KLISE® Woof Pouf*

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*Not available in all countries.
Bath Sponge with Pearls of Conditioner and Deodorizer Soap

Dogs, Cats, Horses

Ordenone®: Patented molecule that catches and neutralizes bad odor.
  • Cleans, softens and deodorizes in just one step.
  • Contains Ordenone® that catches and neutralizes the molecules that cause bad odors, like wet dogs’ odor, faeces, urine…
  • Easy to use — Soap pearls inside the sponge, you only have to add water.
  • Practical — Does not take up space and is not liquid (does not spill).
  • Soap pearls produce a dense and abundant foam.
  • Conditioner leaves hair soft and sparkly.
  • Sponge fabric facilitates removal of dirt and solid waste like mud, sand…
  • Regular hygiene, fast and easy.
  • To bath the entire animal or smaller areas.
  • Ideal for trips, competitions, exhibitions
  • Wet the animal with abundant water. Add water to the sponge and rub all the animal’s body or the desired area with it. Then rinse with plenty of water.
  • Rinse the sponge and let it dry until the next use.