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High-protective and extra-comfortable masks for horses


– Horse size (average size horses): with/without ears, with/without removable nose.
– Cob size (small horses and big ponies): with/without ears.
– Warmblood size (large horses): with/without ears.

Does not contain chemical substances.
  • Reinforced in the ocular area: blocks up to 80% of harmful UV rays and reduces glare.
  • High technology materials and double sewing for improved durability.
  • Covered sewing: no rubbing or harsh abrasions.
  • Double-latch system.
  • Breathable fabric: keeps the horse cool and dry.
  • Reduction of the stress suffered by horses by minimizing the discomfort caused by the presence of insects.
  • Reduction of the risk of suffering ocular lesions, shielding eyes from insects, flying dust, dirt and debris.
  • Aids healing after eye injury.

Place the mask on the horse’s head and adjust the double latch without excessive pressure.


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