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*Not available in all countries.
Spray for deep skin care



650 ml

Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.21 %
Triclosan 0.10 %
Tea Tree Oil
  • With Triclosan: cleans and protects the horse’s skin.
  • With Biopolysan®: patented molecule to improve the effectiveness of the formula.
  • Soft non-aggressive formula based on tea tree oil.
  • Individual use or as a Complete Integral System: Shampoo, spray and ointment.
  • Helps improve the natural condition of the skin and protect its natural balance.
  • Support in veterinary treatment of choice in dermatological processes.
  • Contributes to the improvement of the condition of dry and squamous skin.
  • Helps calm discomfort in disorders associated with itching and rubbing of tail and manes.

Clean with warm soapy water, then pat dry. Spray animal’s coat making sure to concentrate spray on affected area. Do not rinse, allow spray to dry naturally. Spray daily until skin condition has cleared up. For best results wash the affected area previously with FUNGASOL® Shampoo.


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